Ford Cylinder Heads
These Ford heads are reconditioned and come assembled with a "like new" apperance and quality, with all new Aeromaxx parts installed and a milled deck surface. These heads have outstanding features that include premium one-piece, stainless steel, high flow valves heat treated and machined steel retainers and valve locks, seals, bronze wall valve guides, 3 angle valve job, and heavy duty valve springs. All heads listed accept their repscetive stock equipment (i.e. intake manifolds, exhaust headers and manifolds, valve train, valve covers, and accessory bolt holes) Must state cam lift when ordering head assembilies.
Assembled Small Block Ford Heads  
Part # Description Price
ARO-FO-302 Select cast iron Ford Windsor castings. 1.90 x 1.60 stainless valves, 69CC chambers, .550" lift springs, 130CC intake port volume, pedestal rocker arm mounts. Please specify block type: 302 uses 7/16" head bolts or 351W uses 1/2" head bolts $399.00 pair
ARO-FO-351 351-400 Ford C/M engines, select 2BBL cast iron castings, fully reconditioned, 2.045 x 1.654 stainless valves (2.19 x 1.76 add $50.00) 76CC chambers, .550" lift springs, castings will use 5/16 bolt down rockers $695.00 pair
ARO-H3-154-3601 Head bolts 7/16" for small block Ford ARP 3601 $68.00
ARO-H3-154-3603 Head bolts 1/2" for small block Ford ARP 3603 $85.00
Assembled Big Block Ford  
ARO-FO-429 429-460 Ford, select 68-72 cast iron castings, fully reconditioned. 2.19 x 1.760 stainless valves, 76CC chambers, .550" lift springs, 7/16 ARP studs and 3/8 Comp Cams guide plates $795.00 pair
Upgrades on all assemblies  
ARO-AL-UP1 Hard seats for unleaded fuel $88.00
ARO-AL-UP2 Dual springs for up to 600 lift $96.00
ARO-AL-UP3 Install 7/16 studs and guide plates $100.00
ARO-CH-SB-1 Machine steam holes for 400 cid SB Chevy $45.00
ARO-CH-SB-2 Machine and install 5/16 guide plates $60.00
ARO-AL-SF-1 3/8 studs for stud mounted rocker arms...Ford Heads $80.00
ARO-AL-10LOCKS 10 degree locks $40.00
ARO-AL-RET 10 degree retainer $40.00
ARO-AL-VITON Machine and install Viton seal $50.00
Porting Options  
ARO-L1-BOWLS Bowl Porting $150.00
ARO-L1-STG1 Intake port matching and bowl blending $250.00
ARO-L1-STG2 Bowl blending, intake port matching and polish combustion chambers $450.00
ARO-L1-STG3 Full porting and polishing $750.00
ARO-L1-FP Ford Windsor only- Blend bowls, EGR removal and gasket matching intake port $300.00
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